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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Fishing report by Jim Boyd


JIM BOYD - angling journalist/photographer

Issued by Jim Boyd on behalf of the following fisheries on Monday 21 August 2017. The report is for the week ending Sunday, 20 August 2017.

1. FRANDY (Gleneagles). On the individual front Billy Thomson from Auchterarder kept 5 fish weighing 13lb and released a further 8, Jim Watson & Dave Gonsales, Auchtermuchty, 9 fish for 19lb, Tom Dowswell & Ian Mitchell, Pitlochry, 2 fish weighing 5lb and released 9, Bob Oliver & George Keithley, Doune, had 3 fish weighing 7lb 8oz, Tom Clark, Bannockburn 2 fish for 6lb and Gordon Newlands & Keith Imisson from Inverclyde kept 9 fish weighing 21lb. Robin Eadie & Ernie Baglow from Kinross took 5 fish weighing 12lb, John Bryons & Gerard McGuire, Banknock, 8 fish weighing 18lb, Donald McPherson, Crieff, 2 fish for 5lb 4oz and  released a further 3 and Anthony Glasgow from Strathallan kept 5 fish weighing 11lb.
The angling clubs were out in force with SPRA North A/C keeping  37 fish weighing 86lb 2oz and released 43, RAF Northern League 8 fish for 19lb 14oz, SSEB HQ A/C took 29 fish weighing 64lb 6oz and CIBA A/C kept 27 fish weighing 64lb 12oz and released 10. Last Cast A/C had 11 fish weighing 26lb 2oz and released 3, Clydesdale Bank A/C kept 35 fish weighing 71lb, Linlithgow A/C kept 6 fish weighing 15lb 2oz, Heriots A/C 18 fish for 36lb, Perth RASC A/C 29 fish for 67lb 4oz and Kelty Artisan A/C kept 9 fish weighing 20lb 6oz.
The best flies and lures last week included the Daddy Longlegs, Kate McLaren, Bibio Hopper, Sedgehog, Sedge Muddler, Cormorant and the Red Diawl Bach whilst the top fishing spots are on the Dogleg but all areas are generally fishing well.
 ORCHILL LOCH (Braco) Yet another mixed week of weather with the fish still taking dries Buzzers as well as variety of lures. On Saturday the Vale AC from Dumbarton had a good windy, sunny and showery day catching 38 fish for 105lbs 4oz with Gavin Lees having the heaviest basket with 4 fish weighing 13lbs on a Black & Green lure. Tom Faulds from Lochgelly caught 3 fish for 12lbs on a Yellow Dancer, Ricky Lapsley, Bonnybridge, 2 fish for 9lbs on Buzzers, Andy Fyffe, Lochgelly 2 fish for 6lbs on Buzzers, Cameron Jope, Canada, 1 fish for 2lbs on a Buzzer and Dean Parker from Auchterarder used a Muddler to bag a brace weighing 5lbs. Jim Mackie from Bellshill landed 3 fish for 8lbs on Buzzers, Kenny Low, Stirling, 2 fish for 6lbs on a Black Dancer, John Robertson, Auchterarder, 2 fish for 8lbs,Gerry Kane, Cumbernauld, 3 fish for 10lbs 8oz on Dries, John Gilchrist, Stirling, 3 fish for 9lbs on a Fab and Alex Burns from Bonnybridge took 2 fish for 8lbs on a Damsel. Alec Fitzsimmons from Fintry had 4 for 12lbs 8oz on a Damsel, 
3. FORBES OF KINGENNIE (Broughty Ferry) Its staring to feel a bit more like Autumn over this past week at Kingennie with the nights stating to draw in and slightly cooler during the days at times. This has helped with the fishing on the whole with the fish starting to become a bit more active. Some of the rain recently has helped with keeping the water topped up and pretty clear across the ponds.
The Boathouse has been fishing very consistently with most anglers getting among the fish. The methods have been fairly well varied with all the usual tactics working at times. The fish have been moving around a bit but the top end of the pond seems to be the most consistent area. Mr Milne had a great result landing 20 fish mostly on a Floating Fry and a couple on Buzzers. Mr Barr had 18 on a Fab and Buzzers with one around 8lb. Mr McAllen Did well with a mini Olive Snake landing 14 fish with one around 10lb and one around 12lb. The Burnside has seen some anglers doing very well and some seem to be struggling at times. There seems to be a lot of fish in the top foot of water then is a bit barren until you get to around 4-5 feet where the rest of the fish seem to be holding. Mr Birse had a couple of excellent trips landing 22 and 15 fishing a Black Beetle or a Floating Fry, Mr Watson took 13 on a Bloodworm and a Fab and Mr Jenkins had 2 for 5lb and put back 9 including a 7lber on Damsels. The Bankside has been fishing well recently but hasn’t seen many rods on it. Mr Leslie did well on dries taking 8 fish in a very short space of time, Mr Horne had 2 for 6lb and put back 2 and Mr Sherriff had 12 on a mix of Dries and Spiders. The Woodside has been fishing really well with lots of good fish coming off with an average size of over 2lb being caught. Powerbait is still the best bait at the moment fished on the float around 5 feet deep. Over the weekend we had a total of 52 anglers land 114 fish for a total of 248lb. The biggest fish of the week was caught by Mr Whyte with a 7lb 3oz rainbow caught on sweet corn.

4. MARKLE (East Lothian)  It was a very quiet week with not many anglers fishing – Ron Thom from Haddington had 4 on a Black & Silver Rabbit, Bruce Hunter, Edinburgh, 6 on a Black Pennell, Paul Harvey, Whitecraigs, 7 on Buzzers and John Daly from Edinburgh used a White Lure to catch and release 5.

5. WOODBURN (Milton of Campsie) Some hefty specimens still coming off with top of the water tactics still best. Joe Whyte from Glasgow took 10C/R, Johnny Curran 5 C/R, Donald McKenzie 6 for 19lbs 2oz – best 6lbs 7oz, Craig Gordon, Moodiesburn, 3 for 11lb – largest 5lbs, Mr. Robertson 4 weighing 12lb and Mr Anderson safely returned a rainbow of 7lbs 3oz. G Coyle from Port Glasgow had a rainbow and a blue for 7lbs, James Stack 3 for 19lb 9oz – largest a blue of 9lbs, Stuart Alan 3 for 20lb – best 10lbs, Scott Walker 1 weighing 8lb, Mr McGowan, Glasgow, 3 for 9lb and Craig Gordon caught 5 for 21lb – best 7lbs. Steven Murray, 7 on C/R, John Shaw, Kilsyth 3 rainbow and 1 blue C/R  and S Black from Cumbernauld had 4 C/R  including a brown of 8lb.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Lake of Menteith managers report

Tel/Fax 01877 385664
Lake of Menteith 21st August 2017
Water Temperature – 16C at 6ft, Clarity (Secchi disc) 2.2m.
Still a bit of algae ready to appear on windward shores or when the wind drops – but it is only a thin skim if it appears. The fish are readily taking dries just know – especially if the flies are properly presented and the nylon degreased, but the current trendy method is a medium length sink tip with booby and diawls. Change A (Jock Kettles, Andy Dunn and Kevin McCabe used this to good effect Last Friday to win their Scottish Club Championship Semi Final. The fish are fairly spread out just now but good areas are Gateside Bay, Stable Point, Sam’s Point and Rookery. This 3 ½ lb blue took a fab and Stewart Inglis to the backing in International Bay on Saturday, before being safely returned. Photo Billy Marsland.
Some strange images: Below left: Graham Lang and West of Scotland presented this caricature of fishery Manager Quintin Glen as a token of thanks for all their visits. Brilliant and thank you very much Graham. I love it. Also like the emphasis on cleaning the anglers rather than preserving them with lifejackets.

Paul Barr took this amazing photo of a redlegs. Enthralling to see this fly’s tantalising bloomers close up. 
Friday, 18 August 2017

Club comp

Yesterday saw the competition between ourselves The Western Angling (1879) and our long running rivals the West of Scotland (1850) compete at the Lake of Menteith for the Wilson Patterson Quaich, this is an annual competition which we have lost for the past two years, however we made good and had a land slide victory 0f 56 fish to 26 fish measuring 565 to 216. Well done our lads.I caught 3 to my boat partners 0.

Winner of the James Bayne Fishing Tackle sponsored Boat league comp on the Lake of Menteith 2017

Tel/Fax 01877 385664
Lake of Menteith 15th August 2017
Water Temperature – 16C, Clarity (Secchi disc) 2.8m .
2017 Boat League Final Results - Last Heat 9/8/17
Bill Ramage is 2017 BOAT LEAGUE CHAMP.
The last night of the boat league was won by Gil Farid - with 8 fish but his victory was swamped by the overall picture - with lure specialist and retired oil worker Bill Ramage from Alloa managing to out catch serial boat league champ and dry fly man Brian MacKenzie to win the title. It was all down to the final night but Bill had in reallity won in it in May and June, when he acheived a 1st, 2nd, 1st and another 1st placing in consecutive heats. After the best nine results were selected from a possible 14, Bill finished with 17 points, Brian MacKenzie was 2nd with 20 points and Peter Cameron 3rd with 56. Bill declined to have his famous white cat photgraphed but stated that it was around two inches in length tied on a size 10 hook. Fished with a floater or a midge tip the fly sits around 6" under the water and the secret is to keep pulling till the fish are on. As opposed to tightening too early when the fish is likely to let go of the long tail. His best area by far Gateside Bay, although earlier in the season it was Lochend, then when the butts and the buzzer banks were the place to be, it was also the place to be with his white cat and buzzers or diawl bachs further up the line. The rod average this year in the boat league was 4.17 fish per angler per shift. this is up from 3.54 and 3.58 in the previous two years. The improvement of 17% is a significant figure - as it is calculated over a long period and with a good number of anglers and gives a reasonable comparison of year to year performance as unfortunately public catch records at the fishery are a little sporadic.

Bill who was second last year collected the Boat League quaich and £500 in cash from the angler kitty. He also picked up a £150 Bynes of Callander tackle voucher and chose to nominate the last nights permit takings (£390 donated by the Lake) to Strathcarron Hospice. In Second Place Brian collected £150 cash (£100 donated by Southside Decorators) and a £75 Baynes Tackle voucher. 3rd placed Peter Cameron picked up £50 in cash and a £50 tackle voucher. Andy Smith of Southside Decorators awarded the best picture of a fish caught during the comp to Mark Steven (Bottle of Malt). In all £1600 worth of prizes were dispensed during the competition and £390 donated to charity. The catering was provided free of charge by the fishery on the last night and thanks again to Nada for the delicious cakes. Pictured L to R Brian MacKenzie, Peter Cameron, sponsor Roger Drapper of James Baynes fishing tackle, winner Bill Ramage and sponsor Andy Smith of southside Decorators; and Mark Stephen with the best fish photo. Big Big thanks to the generous sponsors.

Fishing report by Jim Boyd


JIM BOYD - angling journalist/photographer

TO Email Group.

Issued by Jim Boyd on behalf of the following fisheries on Monday 14 August 2017. The report is for the week ending Sunday, 13 August 2017.
1. FRANDY (Gleneagles). Ian McKenzie & party from Blackford kept 13 fish weighing 26lb, Dave Gonsales & Jim Watson, Auchtermuchty, 10 fish for 21lb and released a further 6, Brian Thorne from Glen Devon & Alastair MacMillan, Comrie, 10 fish weighing 21lb 8oz and released 11, Howard Rubin & Lennie Fuller, Auchterarder 4 fish weighing 9lb and released a further 8 whilst Yan Lynborg from Perth & Craig Dear, Scone had 5 fish for 11lb 8oz. Archie Davidson from Stirling kept 3 fish weighing 7lb 8oz, Billy Thomson, Auchterarder & Ian Mitchell, Pitlochry, kept 10 fish weighing 22lb 4oz and released a further 11, John Reid & Karl Seddon, Kinross, 10 fish weighing 21lb and released 5, David & Judith Swan, Helensburgh, 6 fish weighing 15lb and George Keith & Tom Lansdown from Dunfermline took 4 fish weighing 8lb 4oz and released 3. Jim Sheehan & Peter Tong from Bridge of Allan had 5 fish weighing 10lb 4oz, Robin Eadie, Kinross, caught and released 10, Ross McKinnon & Tom Irvine, Strathaven, 6 fish for 13lb 12oz and Brendan McWilliam & Ken Godfrey from East Kilbride kept 6 fish weighing 13lb.
On the angling club front Dundee West End A/C kept 57 fish weighing 139lb 14oz, Falkirk F/C 16 fish for 35lb, Grangemouth A/C 16 fish weighing 35lb 12oz, Townhill A/C kept 52 fish weighing 104lb and released a further 14 and Stirling Castle A/C took 29 fish weighing 66lb 8oz. Ferranti A/C caught 10 fish weighing 20lb and released 4 and Rowbank A/C kept 21 fish weighing 47lb 12oz and released a further 13.
The best catching flies last week included the Kate McLaren, Sedgehogs, Sedge Muddlers, Daddy Longlegs, Naked Spur, Bloodworm and the Bibio Hopper whilst all areas are currently fishing well.
2. ORCHILL LOCH (Braco) On Friday the Perthshire AC caught 21 fish for 56lbs 4oz with Bruce McNaughton taking the heaviest basket with 4 fish for 11lbs.On Sunday the Kilsyth AC had a good day catching 36 fish for 102lbs 8oz with Garry Paton taking the heaviest catch with 4 fish for 14lbs 12oz and Archie McInnes had 4 fish for 14lbs 4oz. Two young boys, Cody from Ibiza and Richard Todd from Jamaica, both caught 1 fish each at 2lbs 4oz on a Buzzer and a Cat’s Whisker, Mike Whiting, Moonie, 2 fish for 6 lbs on an Orange Buzzer, Charles McKinlay, Dunipace, 1 fish for 5lbs on a Bloodworm, G Wilson, Edinburgh, 2 fish for 8lbs on Buzzers and M Bruce from Edinburgh had a fine brace for 8lbs taken on the Okey Dokey. John Coelho from Dunblane used dries to catch 2 for 5lbs, Hamish Carmichael, Alloa, 2 fish for 7lbs on a Diawl Bach and Craig Peattie from Glenrothes had 3 for 11lbs 8oz on Buzzers.
3. FORBES OF KINGENNIE (Broughty Ferry) Changeable weather was again the story of the week with anglers having to adapt as conditions changed. However, the sun shone on us for the Forbes of Kingennie Open Day on Sunday, with Grant Osler, the Sports Manager, giving fishing demonstrations on the Blawearie Basin (coarse fishing pool). Good numbers of parents and juniors attended and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Fishing techniques and fish handling skills were imparted and plenty of perch and roach were landed (all on barbless hooks) admired and returned safely to the water. Hopefully we will see some increase in the number of younger anglers using the fishery in future.
The Boathouse Pool again fished well, mainly to small dries Shipman’s, Yellow Owl and Buzzers. Bruce Thomson returned 14 fish, Joe Westland 12 and John Barr 11. Mr. Lafferty took four rainbows for a total of 9lbs 8oz as did Mr. Wallace. On the deeper Burnside Pool there was plenty of surface activity but the fish were not easy to tempt. George Birse returned 14, Jock Leslie 13 and young Jake Gilchrist returned 11. Several anglers found fish feeding somewhat deeper than most would normally fish at this time of year. The Bankside Pool was quite difficult to fish in the windier conditions but at the right time it produced some excellent results. Mr. Boni took pride of place returning 14 fish taken mainly on an Olive Damsel. Frank Sherriff also did very well returning 11. The any legal method pool, Woodside had some very up and down results but the weekend certainly produced. On Saturday ten anglers took 19 fish for a total of 41lbs; on Sunday there were 29 fish taken for 58lbs 4oz and last Monday saw 18 anglers land 35 fish for 73lbs giving an average weight on those three days of just over 2lbs per fish.
This past week of hot weather here at Forbes of Kingennie is seeing a change in the fishes behaviour, as the water temperatures rise they have been a bit fussy at times but when the cloud comes over and cools down the sport at times has been outstanding. Different ponds have been fishing better at different times so moving around has been essential for constant results.
The Bankside pool has been the stand out pond these last few days with lots of anglers having great returns in sometimes trick conditions. The water has become very clear recently and really helped with the returns. Buzzers have been the top method fished either under the bung with an egg or squirmy on the point fished at 5 feet. The washing line has also been effective when the fish are a bit higher in the water. Dry flies have also been worth a cast at points when they have been very active. Mr Kirk had 12 fish and 13 fish in 2 consecutive trips on fabs, buzzers and diawls bachs. His best fish was estimated at around 12lb as well as others of 5 and 7lb. Mr Jones had 12 on black buzzers under and indicator. Mr Birse had 13 on a sugar cube shipman’s.
The Burnside has also been getting very clear with lots of fish visible on the surface cruising around. The fishing has been a little bit slower at times but fishing very well most evenings. Again the more natural approach has taken more fish, The washing line with wee buzzers is the go to method. Dries are doing well in the right conditions when they come up. Mr Westland had 21 on size 14 black buzzers and fabs. Mr Wilson had 2 for 6lb and put back 9 fishing diawl bachs.
The Boathouse has been a bit coloured but on the very sunny days it has been the best pond with huge amounts of fish taking off the surface in the shade. Mr Leslie had a great day returning around 20 fish on small dries and emerges. Mr Fulthorpe had a good morning landing 8 up to 7lb on a pink fab and diawl bachs. Mr Whiteford kept his 3 fish for 8lb and put back 6 on a damsel.
The Woodside pool has been really busy in the nice weather with many full bags being recorded. Green powerbait and spinners have been the top bait of late. Over the weekend there was a total of 37 anglers landed 68 fish for weight of 115lb.
4. MARKLE (East Lothian) P Dickson from Berwick on Tweed had the best basket of the week with 10 fish on a Fluo Green Buzzer, Paul Harvey, Whitecraigs, 8 on Buzzers, Michael Boyle, Danderhall, 7 on a Black & Green Rabbit and Bruce Hunter from Edinburgh had 7 on Buzzers. Ron Thom from Haddington caught 4 on a Diawl Bach, Davy Smith, Dunbar, 5 on a Shuttlecock and Jack Hay from Haddington used a Buzzer to catch 3.
5. SWANSWATER (Stirling) The changeable weather this week meant that the fishing was challenging at times, but those anglers willing to persevere with different tactics still enjoyed some fantastic sport. The Golds continue to be stocked and the brightly coloured fish can often be seen cruising just below the surface. When the fish were feeding best a floating line was usually all that was necessary, fishing around 2 feet down with a moderate retrieve. Although during tougher periods the key was to go deeper with a slower retrieve. The usual flies accounted for most fish this week with Damsels, Dancers and some Nymphs including Diawl Bach and Cruncher having the most success. Great sport was also had with dry flies this week. Danny Doherty, Denny, 5 for 14lb 8oz plus 2 caught and released, Gregor Hunter, Inchinnan, 4 for 12lb 8oz, Donald McMurchy, Fallin, 4 for 10lb 12oz including 2 Golds, Frank Barr, Falkirk, 3 for 8lb 12oz plus 1 caught and released, George Dobbie, Glasgow, 3 for 8lb 4oz and Henry Fulton, Glasgow, 3 for 8lb including a Gold. Tom Martin, 3 for 8lb including a Gold, William Brandon, Ireland, 6lb Rainbow, Eric Wilson, 2 for 6lb, Ian Munroe, Stirling, 6 caught and released and Robert Smith, Stirling, 4 caught and released including estimated 8lb Rainbow.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Knife order

We will be ordering some new sheath knives this week, Rambo 3, Mick Dundee, the William Wallace sword and a few others
Saturday, 12 August 2017

Revamped caravan

Have revamped a static caravan in Brig O'Turk, twin room double room and living area with kitchen and bathroom. It's available to rent on Airbnb will accept fishermen. Pics to follow :)